Journalistic Expectations in Today’s World

Image provided by Flickr; Photographer Steve Bridger

Image provided by Flickr; Photographer Steve Bridger

Everyone seems to have their own expectations of what everyone else should be doing. Journalism is no exception.

With social media changing the game in journalism today, many people question themselves on what exactly a journalist should and should not be able to do.

To me the choice is up to every individual journalist. If a columnist is confident in their audience and doesn’t feel the need to open a Twitter account then so be it. On the other hand I believe that as a journalist you can’t be afraid of trying new things and in this case you can’t hold yourself back from at least trying these new methods. With this being said I would say I am a social media advocate.

The article Newspaper columnists ought to be the perfect bloggers talks about the frustrations some journalists have with feeling like social media is just another chore added on to their list. Not going to lie, it takes a while to get familiar with Twitter and get your solid list of followers going. It takes patience and an open mind and if you have neither of these traits then you should probably reconsider your career path.

If you were hesitant about social media before and I sweet talked you into at least considering it, go ahead and read Should all journalists be on Twitter? I’m sure once you’re done you’ll be downloading the Twitter app on your smartphone.

If you’re at this point and you’re still not sure then let me tell you how I started reading newspapers and getting to know journalists through Twitter.

I started following the Los Angeles Times on Twitter when I entered college and throughout the years I started following some of their individual journalists as well. I used to never read newspapers and even though I don’t pick up an actual copy of the LA Times everyday, rest assure I check their Twitter feed throughout my day. I even have their app!

I’m a big sports fan so I like to follow Angel Rodriguez. For anything business related I go to Samantha Masunaga. And for breaking news, Ryan Parker. All journalists I follow thanks to their active presence on social media.

Despite my advocacy for social media, I still don’t see it as a journalistic expectation. Your talent as a journalist isn’t measured in retweets and number of followers you have, but none of these hurt your audience reach either.


One thought on “Journalistic Expectations in Today’s World

  1. Hi Lorena,
    I really enjoyed how you stated that it’s up to the discretion of the journalist if they choose to use social media or not. I personally agree with you, using social media does more good than harm and it’s a great networking tool. Even just downloading simple news apps like you stated works wonders because we are moving into a digital age versus subscribing to newspapers. Overall great post, lots that I can relate to myself.

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