Twitter: A Modern Journalist’s Best Friend

Image provided by Flickr; Photograph by Scott Beale

Image provided by Flickr; Photograph by Scott Beale

There is a lot of things that we look for in a best friend. One of those things is unconditional support in the things we do. For a journalist, Twitter is the ideal BFF.

On Twitter we get to connect with other people with similar interests, find out the very latest news all over the world, and share our own thoughts with our followers. What’s not to love right!?

One of the most valuable tools Twitter gives journalists today is the opportunity to gather information from an engaged community. That’s right. People that actually care answer our questions and concerns because they want to and not because they’re bribed or feel bad for you. Game changer.

10 Ways Twitter is Valuable for Journalists tell us a little more about this and other ways this social platform can help us out. Just keep in mind there are more than 10 ways.

U.S. Soccer's official feed for the USWNT.

U.S. Soccer’s official feed for the USWNT.

Twitter really changed the game for sports journalists (and students aspiring to be in the field like me). For starters, there is live-tweeting. I’m guilty of this during big sporting events, especially soccer games. Even if I am not able to sit down and watch the game, I know I can get a play-by-play on Twitter thanks to friends, journalists, and even from the actual team’s account.

There’s also photo and video sharing, hashtag usage, conversation starters and a ton of other benefits that can be found on Twitter for Sports Journalists.

The use you want to give Twitter is your decision. You can exploit it to your advantage or decide to tweet only on February 29th. It is up to you.

Just remember that a friendship is maintained by interaction. The more you get involved and show you care, the better the friendship will be for everyone.


7 thoughts on “Twitter: A Modern Journalist’s Best Friend

  1. Lorena,
    I like how you talked about sports journalism on Twitter. It is true that it is a great platform for a game so people who aren’t there or watching can have live updates on the go. I also like how you included a photo of a sports tweet. This might be a dumb question but what’s on February 29? (Sorry I don’t use Twitter so I’m kind of slow).


    • Hey Nikki,

      The February 29th thing is just me trying to be smart haha. That day only happens on leap years so you’d only tweet every four years if you only tweeted on that day.

  2. I completely agree with you on how twitter has kind of helped with sports journalism especially when it comes to live tweeting sporting events. I wrote the same exact thing when it comes to twitter. I really like how you lay out your blog as well it makes it a very easy and fun read.

  3. Hi Lorena,
    I loved your opening paragraph! That was a really fun and original way of drawing readers into the story. I also really enjoyed your images! Great job! I look forward to reading your future posts!

  4. Lorena,
    Wow never thought about the sports journalism side of the house! Thanks for reminding me about an important of journalism….I’m always thinking of hard news but the funny thing is that I like sports (especially NFL), and now it seems like more women are a big part of the audience as well as sports journalists on tv like the NFL network and ESPN this is great that you have mentioned this in your blog! Thanks for re-opening my eyes to that side! 🙂

  5. I feel like by comparing Twitter to a friendship you basically explained my life. Your example of sports journalism was dead on as well. Can’t wait to read more!

  6. I really enjoyed your blog on Twitter. I loved how you ended your blog with your closing paragraph.

    I also enjoyed the link to the sports journalists page. I would love to be a journalist in sports one day, and I saved that page!

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