Under the Sea in a Garden

The mermaid in "Summer Gardens"

The mermaid in “Summer Gardens”

One of the special things about Las Vegas is that it offers you the opportunity to be in various places at once. In what other city can you visit Venice or Paris while avoiding those awful trans-atlantic flights? That’s right, only Vegas can.

There is a place that everybody can enjoy for free 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout the whole year that takes us to a different place, while remaining in a spectacular garden. During these hot summer months in Las Vegas, we have the opportunity to be under the sea in the desert.

This place is the Conservatory and Botanical Garden inside of the Bellagio Hotel and Casino, one of Las Vegas’ most unique places to visit for the whole family .

If you are in town from now until September 12, be ready to step into their Summer Garden. Throughout the year it receives guests from all over the world, taking them to a place that captures the essence of the one of the four seasons in a year.

Under water creatures in the Conservatory and Botanical Garden.

Under water creatures in the Conservatory and Botanical Garden.

This current exhibit pays tribute in a way to The Little Mermaid with it’s vibrant coral decorations and various under water creatures. You can walk through this one-of-a-kind garden and find giant sea turtles, a colorful variety of fish, and even a huge oyster that opens up if you are lucky enough to get a glimpse of its gorgeous pearl.

This giant gazebo also let’s you set your eyes on the precious jewels inside of the treasure chest. There’s also massive jelly fish hanging from the ceiling as well as a seal balancing a beach ball on its nose. And let’s not forget the colorful seahorses gazing from the corner.

If the endless amount of gorgeous plants inspires you to form your own garden at home, the Conservatory offers advice from Mr. and Mrs. Green Thumb from 10:30am- 11:30am everyday. Their tips might help you get started on your own rose bush outside your home, but if you have aspirations to reach the level of this garden, keep in mind that they also have the help of over 100 expert horticulturists. Just something to keep in mind so you can have realistic garden goals.

The treasure chest inside of the Conservatory and Botanical Garden in the Bellagio.

The treasure chest inside of the Conservatory and Botanical Garden in the Bellagio.

This magical garden changes five times in a year. One for every season and again to celebrate Chinese New Year. The upcoming displays are expected to change by September 18th for the autumn garden, December 3rd for the winter season, and early 2016 for the celebration of the Year of the Sheep for Chinese New Year.

Another addition to the 13,573-square-foot garden is the live music they offer daily from 4:30pm to 6:30pm every day, adding to the ambiance.

With the wide variety of attractions to see in this city, it truly is a sight to see when you want to take a break from outside weather while you get lost in this underwater world.


One thought on “Under the Sea in a Garden

  1. Lorena I love this post. I Disney to see the summer exhibit this year but it looks awesome. I like how you described the exhibit in detail, it makes me get a good sense of how exciting it is. I didn’t know that they offer gardening advice, thanks for the tip.

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