The All-In-One Photo Editing App

Afterlight: Photo editing app

Afterlight: Photo editing app

Digital media has become almost completely dependent on visuals, whether it is in the form of videos or photographs. A tweet, Facebook status, or post on the Internet simply does not grab as much attention without some sort of visual. Our society itself has become very visual so if you are not offering anything to see, people will just move on to something else.

Now with social media, especially Instagram, it is all about editing your photos to make them stand out among the rest. Most people download different apps on their smartphones to make these unique edits and I’m going to tell you about my all-time favorite photo editing app, Afterlight.

I have tried my fair share of apps and I have always found that I had to use more than one app to get my pictures exactly how I wanted them to turn out. This was such a hassle because it would make the process take longer than necessary and it occupied a lot of memory on my phone.

A couple of months ago I came across the recommendation of this app and after trying it out I immediately deleted all the other apps I had on my phone. It really is the best photo editing app for iphones.

2015-07-08 18.33.18There is a cost for this app unfortunately. I know most people, including myself, hate paying for an app, but if we can afford overpriced name brand coffee then I think we can spare $0.99.

There are countless amounts of things you can use within this app. It has the basics like cropping and editing the brightness and contrast levels, as well as photo overlapping and the ability to add different frames. There is also over 50 different filters to choose from (awesome right!?).

It is not just regular social media user that use Afterlight either, Slate photo editor Juliana Jiménez also uses this app when she posts pictures on Instagram.

The app is really easy to use and makes the process of editing your pictures that much more enjoyable. I’ve made a quick video going over some of the things you can do using Afterlight and some extra unique features this app has.

I hope that after this review you are willing to reach into your savings account for those $0.99 and get this app that will truly change the way you edit your photos from now on.


One thought on “The All-In-One Photo Editing App

  1. Looks like a pretty cool app, and you’re right $.99 isn’t bad at all. As for the video, you had a good angle so we could easily see everything you were doing, and were very informative about the app. I feel like I could go out and master it right now after watching the video, so mission accomplished.

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