Training for the Digital World

Flickr Image; Photo by  Quentin Meulepas

Flickr Image; Photo by Quentin Meulepas

It’s a different game now. The field has changed completely and the stakes seem to be higher than ever. It’s not enough to be a good player in one certain position. You have to be the whole team and know how to do everything.

Journalism has taken an exciting route into the digital world. Journalists not only have to know how to write, they have to interview, take pictures/video, know how to edit, post, and promote without any hesitation. There are now more ways to tell a story than ever before. We have to know the whole game now.

Some people seem to adapt easier to the changes and then there are those that seem completely opposed to learning a different playing style. It’s time to get to training or you’ll be left on the bench.

When companies are looking to hire journalists they look for the whole package. If they don’t see candidates that have it all, then they look for the players that aren’t afraid to try something new.

Today everybody with an opinion and Internet access has the ability to share it with the world. One of my favorite quotes from The Guardian’s article about the effects of the Internet is “If knowledge is power, the web is the greatest tool in the history of the world.” Now you don’t need a degree in journalism to gather news, publish, and promote it. You can do all of that on your phone.

With all these changes technology has brought with it, we can all agree that journalism is more hands on than ever.

In just a matter of weeks I learned how to create this blog, produce a podcast, upload videos on YouTube, and many other skill sets that I know for a fact will come in handy in my career.

Journalism today is about knowing a bit of everything. You have to be able to play with the team and be your own team when necessary. The training never stops because with new technology, the more skills we have to learn to stay in the game.


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